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Become A Tutor With Chicago AcademicWelcome to Chicago Academic, Chicagoland's expert tutoring and test prep company.

We specialize in one-on-one academic and test prep tutoring, including all school subjects, standardized test preparation, and study skills coaching.





What Makes Tutoring at Chicago Academic So Great?

  • Excellent Pay
  • You choose your schedule
  • An amazing office that takes care of all logistics
  • A company that respects your time and commitment
  • Comprehensive test prep training

What Do You Need in Order to Become Part of Our Team?

  • A strong educational background (BS or BA required)
  • Experience teaching and/or tutoring
  • You must be willing and able to travel to students' homes
  • Availability to work with students for a full school year if necessary
  • Reliable transportation

We are currently interviewing candidates.Apply here.

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Academic Tutoring


Did you know that Chicago Academic can work with your student on ALL of their tutoring needs? Chicago Academic offers private tutoring in Chicago and everything you need to improve your student's grades, all at the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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Study Strategies


Does your child have trouble getting their homework done, organizing their materials, keeping track of their calendar or simply keeping up with their responsibilities? This could be a sign that they are experiencing executive functioning difficulties.

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College Essay Coaching


Crafting several engaging essays that make an admission counselor's hair stand up is tough. Standing out amongst a mob of other qualified candidates is difficult, yet critical. A student may have all the best intentions when it comes to their essays.

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