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Be ready for the ACT in only 2 weeks!


Your student will learn proven steps to dramatically reduce your student's anxiety as you see their confidence and test scores improve, without stress or last-minute panic!



This intensive and proven, two-week boot camp allows students to truly gain momentum on test prep strategies efficiently, without the typical distractions of the school year.


  • Our test prep will boost your student’s confidence so that they can be PREPARED and take the test SUCCESSFULLY!
  • Student's gain familiarity of the ACT’s architecture and mastery of essential skills.
  • Time-saving strategies will leave students feeling more empowered. 
  • We show students the secrets for identifying the right answers.
  • We show students what the ACT is REALLY looking for – and how to answer accordingly.

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    2 week intensive ACT class: $1200
    Materials Fee: $75

    Register by July 25, 2018

    Class begins August 6, 2018

    August 6-17 2:00pm-4:30pm





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