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The Adverse Effects of Larger Classrooms on Today’s Students

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Wed, Apr 29, 2015 @ 16:04 PM


The Classroom Size Debate

The size of students classrooms have always been a topic of heated debate. Parents, teachers, state and local education departments have a hard time agreeing on this topic. Studies have shown that students in smaller classrooms achieve a better education and level of learning. The problem with smaller class sizes is that schools will need to hire more teachers to accommodate the students. This leads to the problem of funding, because smaller class sizes means more money. 

There are 24 states that acknowledge the need and benefit of smaller classrooms. These states have mandated that schools adhere to following this suit. However, there are still numerous classrooms throughout the U.S with classrooms that are extremely oversized resulting in many students falling behind. To help combat this problem, Chicago Academic is a great option for these students. Chicago Academic will provide these students with the attention they not only need but deserve

Here are some of the negative effects commonly associated with larger class sizes.

Less Particpation

In a large classrooms students are less likely to participate in group discussions in comparison to a smaller classroom. This means that because there is less opportunity to participate, many students’ voices will go unheard and students will become disengaged from learning. High school tutoring is a great way to get students to become engaged with the content they are learning. Elementary school tutoring is also a great option. 

Less Individualized Attention 

When the class size is large, the teacher will have much less time to spend with each student. While the teachers are still doing their best to check in with as many students as they can throughout the duration of the class there just isn’t enough time to get to everyone. Without the individualized attention, many students will be left with unanswered questions about what they are learning. To ensure that your child is in fact getting all their learning questions answered consider local tutoring in Chicago. 

Teacher Recognition 

In a large classroom teachers are often times unable to stay on top of a certain student’s strengths and weaknesses. In a smaller class the teacher is able to take the necessary time to correct or encourage a student in certain areas. In a large classroom student’s skill sets become blurred with one another. 

Disruptive Learning Environment 

Not all students are on their best behaviors in a large classroom. There are some students who can be extremely disruptive to the teacher and other students. A teacher has a better chance at handling disruptive students in a smaller class setting in comparison to a large. 

Tutoring in Chicago

If you child is suffering because of a large classroom size, or feeling lost Chicago tutoring is a great option. The personalized one on one setting provides students with the help they need to catch up and stay on top.

Key Takeaways:

  • Teachers aren’t able to properly identity a student’s strengths and weaknesses in a large classroom compared to a smaller one.

  • Larger classrooms lead to less student participation.

  • Larger classrooms often times lead to more disruptive students.

  • Larger classrooms result in less attention from the teacher leaving the students with unanswered questions. 

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