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Improve Your ACT Score With These 10 Tips
  • Posted on Sat, May 23, 2015 @ 06:05 AM
  1. 1.Review ACT skills. Nationally recognized review books can either be purchased online or at any major book store. ACT, Inc. publishes The Real ACT Prep Guide, which provides you with 3 retired ACT exams for you to study.

  2. 2. I can't stress this enough, read, read, read. The more you read, the better your vocabulary and grammar will become. This will help in both the Reading and English sections.

  3. 3.Find a specialized tutor, class or online program to help you learn the best strategies to be successful on the ACT. 

  4. 4.In math, you need to identify what you need focus on and find specific information to bridge any gaps in your mathematical knowledge. Memorize those formulas! 

  5. 5.The Math section becomes more difficult as you progress through it. Break up this section into thirds: Easy (#1-20), Medium (#21-40) and Difficult (#41-60). Make sure you can pass the section you are working on with flying colors before moving to the next.

  6. 6.The Science Reasoning section has much less to do with science and more to do with reasoning. It is all about applying the concepts. Practice reading graphs and tables rather than studying science. All of the science required is provided in each passage. Most passages refer to difficult areas of science with little expectation that a student would have studied the material in school.

  7. 7.Keep track of time! During practice, time yourself without stopping, just to get a feel of how long the sections will take to complete. Later begin limiting yourself to the allotted duration for each section. Know how long each passage should take and remain disciplined.

  8. 8.Develop a customized strategy for each section. Practice that strategy constantly until it becomes second nature.

  9. 9.There may be test prep organizations in your area that provide practice tests with diagnostic analysis. A lot of the time, these services are provided for free.

  10. 10.Practice. Practice. Practice. Take a full practice exam several times before sitting for the actual exam. Training your body and your mind for the 3-5 hour ordeal of taking this test will help condition you for the the real exam.

by Gil Gibori, Director

Chicago Academic Tutoring

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Tips To Improve Your ACT Score
  • Posted on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 09:12 AM

  • Find a specialized ACT tutor, class or online program to help you learn helpful, correct and important strategies for to ensure you succeed on the ACT exam.
  • To review your ACT skills purchase a nationally recognized review book or online program. ACT, Inc. publishes The Real Act Prep Guide which includes 3 useful, retired ACT exams you can use for practice.
  • The Science portion of the ACT has much more to do with reasoning than science. Practice by deciphering tables and graphs rather than focusing on studying actual science. Most of the Science portion has little to no correlation to the science most students have studied in school.
  • Read vigorously, the more you read the better you will get at increasing your speed, vocabulary and grammar. All of these are important in the Reading and English portions of the test.
  • Math is always one of the hardest portions of the test. Identify what you need help on and focus on these points of weakness. Remember to memorize formulas and equations.
  • The Math portion gets harder as you progress through the test. Break the Math potion into three sections, easy, medium and difficult. Make sure you complete each section before moving onto the next.
  • Develop a strategy that works for you when going through each portion of the test. Practice this strategy repeatedly until you’re sure you’ve mastered it.
  • Look to see if there are any test prep organizations in your area that can help provide you with a practice test and diagnostic analysis. Often times these services are provided for free.
  • Always time yourself! When you practice the test for the first time, time yourself without stopping. This way you can see how long it takes you to complete each portion. Later limit your time to ensure that you are finishing in the allowed time.
  • Practice makes perfect. So always practice, practice and then practice more. Take a full practice exam several times to train your body and mind for the real 3-5 hour test. This will help you be fully prepared and conditioned for the real thing.
Good luck!   Academic Tutoring in Chicago Learn More Chicago Academic Tutoring


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