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Tips for the Day of the ACT Test

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 05:11 AM

ACT Test Tips

Taking the ACT test, which examines students' knowledge of English, math, reading and science reasoning, can be stressful for both students and parents. Even if your child has been preparing for the test with the help of an ACT tutor, he or she may still be nervous at the thought of taking the exam. Aside from taking an ACT test prep course, here are some practical steps that you can take to make the day of the ACT test go smoothly.


Sleep Well

The best preparation for the ACT test is a good night's sleep. Your child might be tempted to stay up late doing last minute studying, but this is not the best use of time at this stage. Create a relaxing atmosphere in the home and encourage your child to take a soothing bath before going to bed early. This will ensure that he or she sleeps well and wakes up refreshed and ready for the test.

Be Prepared 

Confusion over the location, timing, or equipment required for the ACT test will stress your child out, so make sure you both are familiar with these details. Your child will need to bring the printed ACT ticket and an acceptable form of photo ID in order to take the test. Make sure you bring these vital documents with you to the test center, as well as plenty of pens, a drink, and snacks to eat between test periods. Aim to arrive with at least 15 minutes to spare in case there are any hold ups on your journey.

Clear Your Mind

An exercise we often recommend to students is one that has been shown effective by substantial research. When you sit down for the test, write a list of all of your fears regarding this exam and then put the list away. Believe it or not, this simple activity allows your brain to reduce its anxiety and allow for more available working memory. Go ahead, give it a shot!



Be Comfortable

The last thing your child needs during the test is to be distracted by being too hot, too cold, or too hungry to concentrate. Encourage the student to eat a good breakfast before heading off to the test center. He or she should consider dressing in layers and taking a spare sweater in case the test center is unexpectedly hot or cold.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good night's sleep is essential before taking the ACT test.
  • Plan the journey to the test center and make sure you have all the necessary documents to avoid last-minute stress. 
  • A good breakfast and comfortable clothing prevent physical distractions from hindering concentration during the test.

Need Help?

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