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Our Unique Approach to Tutoring


We do it our way, the right way.

Our Unique Tutoring Approach
Here at Chicago Academic, we take a unique approach to tutoring. In choosing our tutors, we have a rigorous selection process in which we not only look for great credentials, but also stellar personalities. We deliver a custom-tailored tutoring program that is dynamic, engaging, and can provide your child with the tools and confidence to succeed academically. When we say we, we mean we!


We Are A TeamBest-Tutors-in-Illinois-2018

Chicago Academic takes a team approach to tutoring. In addition to furnishing you with a master tutor, we build a team of support around your child. Tutors, teachers, parents, and our staff meticulously monitor your child's progress and provides support and guidance for the entire family. We are much more than just a tutoring service.
We form a team between the parents, the tutors, and the staff here at Chicago Academic. We stay involved.

Working Together

Our team of educators ensures your child's progress through daily monitoring of each tutor's online notes and consistent follow-ups with not just the tutors, but parents, teachers, and school counselors as well.
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Chicago's Expert In Home Private Tutoring

Academic Tutoring


Did you know that Chicago Academic can work with your student on ALL of their tutoring needs? Chicago Academic offers private tutoring in Chicago and everything you need to improve your student's grades, all at the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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Study Strategies


Does your child have trouble getting their homework done, organizing their materials, keeping track of their calendar or simply keeping up with their responsibilities? This could be a sign that they are experiencing executive functioning difficulties.

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College Essay Coaching


Crafting several engaging essays that make an admission counselor's hair stand up is tough. Standing out amongst a mob of other qualified candidates is difficult, yet critical. A student may have all the best intentions when it comes to their essays.

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