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Chicago Academic helps students in all academic subjects, from the 6-12th grade. Finding a place for academic tutoring in Chicago and the North Shore has never been so easy. Read more about Academic Tutoring in Chicago


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If you’re looking for an academic tutoring service in Chicago that offers highly specialized instruction delivered in a fresh, dynamic fashion, you've come to the right place! Find out more About Us

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At Chicago Academic, we provide Chicago and the North Shore with the best test preparation programs in ACT, AP, SAT, and 7th grade iSAT. Find out more about Chicago Test Prep Tutoring.

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At Chicago Academic, students receive personalized tutoring in Chicago and the North Shore from brilliant, engaging tutors who provide support in all subjects to students of all ages. Learn more about Private Tutoring in Chicago.


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Chicago Academic teaches test prep skills specifically tailored for the learning needs of individuals or small groups. If your child is looking to take one of the many Chicago high school entrance exams we can help them succeed. Our programs are proven to significantly raise test scores, opening the doors to better schools for each student. Learn more about Test Prep Tutoring in Chicago

Test Prep Tutor in Chicago

Chicago Academic has been a wonderful find...  Their system, materials, and tutoring were all perfectly designed to customize the program for my son. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for peace of mind. 

             - Samantha S., Winnetka

Tutor in Chicago

From the beginning I was impressed with the tutors they sent for my daughter. Not only were they very experienced elementary school teachers, but they had fantastic personalities. 

- Ben R., Chicago

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