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Prepare Your Child for Final Exams!

How We Help Your Student Tackle Their Finals?

Finals are the easiest way to improve your grade!

Since finals are usually 20% of a student’s grade, doing well on a final is the easiest way to improve a student’s final grade. That is great news for your student and we can help manage the process.

Prepare for your finals with Chicago Academic

Our steps to improving final exam grades

  • We start a month in advance of the final exam.
  • Complete and review study guide provided by the teacher
  • Organize your student by collecting past quizzes, tests and assignments.
  • Build a study plan that includes a timetable for them to work on their materials.
  • Have your child review their tests so we can see where they had trouble.
  • Review all concepts, but focus on the one’s that originally gave them trouble.
  • Create mock test questions to get them prepared.

Benefit of a tutor:

Our tutors will provide the structure for this process and can simplify complicated concepts and materials.

Will your students manage this process on their own? If not, our experienced tutors can be a study coach and motivator and a subject expert to help your student improve their grades!

To register online for a tutor, please fill out the form to the right or call us today at 773-466-0101. Spaces are filling up quickly.

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