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How to Make the Most Out of Your Tutoring!

Posted by Corinne Kerston on Sun, Sep 14, 2014 @ 15:09 PM

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You’ve done the research and found the best. You’ve bit the bullet and hired a tutor for your child. But now what?

Unfortunately, you can’t just sit back and let the tutor take over. I know, I know. So what are you paying for then? You are paying for her expertise in teaching and study skills, but you still have to do your part as the parent. That’s how people who successfully use tutors do it.

Before Tutoring Starts

Prior to your first meeting with your tutor, prepare your child and your home:

Timing Is Everything

Pick a tutoring time that works best for your child. Does your child study best right after school? Or maybe she does better after she’s had a little down time. Picking a time when your child is likely to be more responsive and more engaged will really help increase the effectiveness of the tutoring sessions. Also, you want to make sure that your child is neither hungry nor sleepy during that tutoring time.

The Right Setting Makes a Difference

Set up a specific homework spot. Pick a spot in your home that is quiet, somewhere without excess noise and interruptions. Set this area of with whatever your child needs to do his homework. You can include paper, pens, a calculator, reference books, etc. You may also like to place a large calendar nearby so that your child can keep track of his homework assignments and their respective due dates. The calendar is especially helpful for students who are visual learners, because they can clearly see when everything is due on how much time they have left to compete it.

Know What to Focus On

Prioritize the subjects that your child struggles with the most. If your child tends to get math problems wrong, request that your tutor review that subject first. Or maybe your child does well on homework but tends to succumb to pressure during tests. If that is the case, you could ask your tutor to go over test taking skills. Discussing your child’s weaknesses will really help your tutor identify problem areas and know what your child needs the most help with.

During the Tutoring

Now that you have your home and child prepared for his first tutoring session, you will want to make the most of that time.

Communicate With Your Tutor

You already have your child’s hardest subjects prioritized, but you want to talk to your tutor and express your concerns for your child. In addition, encourage your child to ask questions and discuss his concerns with the tutor.

Make the Session Count 

Even if your child doesn’t have any major tests coming up or big assignments she needs help on, that doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t have to take advantage of your tutor’s expertise. A tutor can help with other academic issues such as note taking, passage reading and understanding or other issues your child may be having.

Plan Ahead

Every week, take a look at your child’s calendar, especially if your child is older and manages most of his homework without your help. Keep an eye out for major exams or big assignments that you may want to schedule extra tutoring time for.

Ask for Notes & Checklists

Before your tutor leaves for the day, ask for any notes regarding what your child needs the most help on. Your tutor may even take notes that he or she wants your child to review in between sessions. If your child needs extra help with organization, ask a tutor to prepare a homework checklist for him to follow. Go over and the checklist every night to ensure that your child stays organized and completes all his homework.

Hiring a tutor to help your child get ahead in school is a huge step, but just finding the right tutor and sitting back won’t help your child really succeed. Start preparing even before your child meets with the tutor and continue that go-getter attitude throughout the tutoring sessions to help your child make the most of his tutor.

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