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11 Ways to Teach Your Child to Be Organized

Posted by Corinne Kerston on Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 05:09 AM

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Being organized is a great skill for your children to learn. It’s something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives, and let’s be honest, it’s something that can make your life just a little bit easier too.Teaching your children to be organized isn’t difficult. Here are 11 things you can do to get started right away.

Make A Family Calendar

  • One of the easiest ways to teach your children to be organized is to make it a family event. Keep a combined calendar and mark everyone's activities and schedules on it. If your child is old enough, you may want to allow her to write her own entries and check the calendar when making any plans.
Use Checklists 
  • Making checklists for everyday things such as “Things I Do Before Bed” or “Activities to Do During Summer Vacation” is a great way to introduce such lists to your children. Create a checklist together and reference them when doing your daily tasks.
Plan Things In Advance
  • Whether it is getting ready for school or a big family trip, include your child in the planning process. Certain things for school or even running errands can be planned out the night before, while bigger events can be planned weeks in advance.
Give Your Child Chores That Involve Sorting
  • Chores such as putting away groceries, sorting the recycling or emptying the dishwasher or all things involve planning, arranging and (you guessed it!) organizing.

Keep Your Home Organized 

  • When your home is set up so that everything has its own place, organization comes naturally to your kids. Keep everything in a designated place, and put things away where they belong.
Have a routine. 
  • Especially one that requires your child to clean regularly. Establish a set routine early on will help get your child in the habit of taking care of his room and personal space.

Encourage Children To Help

  • Young children love to help their parents so take advantage of it. Let them help with the cooking, keeping all of the ingredients organized while following the direction. Slightly older children can help you plan your errands or help you plan how to organize the pantry.

Teach Them Time Management 

  • This is a very important skill for everyone, not just the children. Start small by giving her a specific timeframe in which she should complete a task. For example, tell her she must finish her homework by a certain time or clean her room in so many minutes. This will help her develop the organizational skills for completing those tasks in the time you give her.

Have A Homework Routine

  • Along the lines of having a routine and managing time, homework should be done to a schedule. Establish a study schedule and a homework strategy and set up a comfortable place for your child to work. Encourage him to stick to his schedule even when there is no homework assigned. He can use the study time as quiet time to read or do puzzles.

Have A Homework Box

  • In order to keep your child more productive and on schedule when she does have study time, keep her study area organized. Fill with all the supply she will need such as paper, pencils, ruler and a calculator so that has easy access to everything she needs and knows exactly where it goes when she is done.

Give Out Praise For Staying Organized

  • Positive comments and praise will help encourage your child to continue staying organized.


Learning how to be organized is a skill that will benefit your child throughout his entire life. Start early by using any of these 11 ways to help teach your child to be more organized.



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