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6 Resources To Help with Test Prep

Posted by Corinne Kerston on Fri, Sep 26, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

ACT test prep

As parents, we sometimes need a little help - okay, maybe a lot of help. And that’s not a bad thing. It actually makes us great parents.

When we understand our shortcomings as parents and seek outside help to ensure our kids still get the very best, that makes us great parents - that makes us awesome parents!

Now, ACT test prep is an area I definitely need extra help in. It’s been a few (okay, maybe more than a few) years since I’ve taken any sort of college entry test. But I want to help my kids be as prepared as possible. That’s where these resources come in. Here are some of my favorite resources that will help make you, and your child, better prepare for the ACT.


ACTstudent.org: This site has it all. It offers ACT registration, college planning help, financial aid help and even career planning. Its awesome test prep page gives you sample test questions, an ACT question of the day, even test day tips and checklists to guarantee that your child will be ready.


The Real ACT Prep Guide: Brought to you by the makers of the ACT test, this book includes 5 practice tests that have actually been used. It also gives an explanation for right and wrong answers to help your child know what he’s doing right, and how to improve when the answer is wrong. It also provides information on the test formatting, structure, registration and just about everything else you need to know. Get it here from ACTstudent.org.

Get Your ACT Together: Great for visual learners, this book prepares your child through illustrations, diagrams and some added humor. It goes over the essay portion, time management and conquering test anxiety. Get it from Amazon here.

Other Resources

A Parents Roadmap to ACT Test Prep eBook: This eBook from Chicago Academic is just what you need to help your child prepare for the ACT. In it you will learn different ways to prepare your child, the subjects that will be on the test, how the tests are scored and exactly when your child should take it. And even better? It’s free. You can download your copy.

Test Day ACT Tip Sheet: Another freebie from Chicago Academic, this tip sheet is great for helping your child prepare for the big day. This sheet gives you code words that the ACT uses so your child will be better prepared, what he should and shouldn’t do and tips on calming himself on the big day. Get it now.

Free ACT Practice Exam: Practice makes perfect right? Use this free practice test to help test your child, and prepare her for exactly what the real test will be like. Get started!

When it comes to the ACT, you want to help your child be prepared. Unfortunately, not every parent is equipped to go it alone. That’s where these great resources come in. Use any of these sites, print books and other resources to make better prepare your student for the ACT.

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