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12 Ways to Teach Your Child to Enjoy Learning

Posted by Corinne Kerston on Tue, May 27, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

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Nothing makes school more enjoyable than, well, actually enjoying it. But not every child is born with an innate love of learning. Luckily for us parents, there are ways to teach and encourage your child to really enjoy learning. Here are 12 steps for you to try if your child isn’t already gung ho about learning.

  1. Start ASAP. The sooner you start ingraining a love of learning into your child, the better. Encouraging learning independence is important for your growing child’s brain development and how they will come to view learning.
  2. Encourage independence. This doesn’t have to be just about reading and writing. Learning independence at a young age can take on many forms. Let your toddler attempt to dress himself, or cut up her banana with a butter knife. Set up your home in a way that encourages independence and self-awareness. Put age-appropriate tools at child level so that your little one can try and do things on her own. Keep toys on easy to reach shelves so that children can play, and clean up, on their own.
  3. Talk about it. Talking to you child about things you hear and read will show your interest in information, which will help foster your child’s own interest.  Discuss current events and things you read and watch. Ask how it makes them feel and allow them to form their own opinions.
  4. Have your own hobbies. It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t follow your interests. What matters is that you have them, and your enthusiasm for new and exciting things shows through.
  5. Read books. A love of reading is a great foundation for learning. Displaying your own love of books will encourage your child to want to read on his or her own. Reading on your own sets a great example, but you may also want to read together as a family to encourage everyone to read.
  6. Expose your child to a variety of experiences. Broadening the way your child learns will help keep learning exciting and new for him. Allow him to enjoy music, sports, the theater and museums. Expose her to different types of games, dance and activities. There are so many different ways to learn; find the method your child's enjoys the most.
  7. Build a sense of security. Though you want to expose your child to a variety of learning experiences, you also want to create some familiarity and security. Incorporate the same type of learning tools in your home that your child uses at school.
  8. Make your home learning friendly. If space allows, set up a learning area for your child. If your child is young, use comfortable furniture, bookshelves and storage shelves to organize a learning center. If your child is older, you may want to set up his or her own desk and computer so that homework can be done quietly and comfortably.
  9. Play thinking games. Thinking games can be just about anything that causes your child to use her thinking skills. Board games such as Scrabble or even Clue are great for opening up your child's mind. You may even want to create scavenger hunts or riddles for your child to solve.
  10. Be supportive of your school. Your child will come to love school, and learning at school, if he sees how involved you are. Volunteer in your child's classroom, offer to help out with school functions and communicate openly with your child's teachers. Ask your kids teachers if there are any areas that your child needs help with, and if necessary consider a private tutor.
  11. Encourage learning about other cultures. In the classroom, invite families to send in photos of their family and friends. These photos can help build awareness of other cultures, can spark conversations about different types of people and their culture and beliefs. It is a great way to get to know their classmates and to also learn about the world.
  12. Challenge your child. Lastly, one of the best ways to encourage learning is to keep on challenging your child. Never stop encouraging. As your child outgrows one stage of learning, find new ways to continue what you are doing.
Need more ideas? Academic enrichment is another great way to challenge and engage your child in learning activities. Call Chicago Academic at 773-466-0101 and learn about ways to enrich your child.



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