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9 Signs You Need Help With Test Prep

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Tue, May 20, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

Test Prep Tutoring in Chicago

It can creep up on you before you know it. It doesn’t care whether or not you are ready. It just comes, full force, expecting you to perform in top form.

I’m talking about the ACT. That standardized exam that is designed to completely stress your family out until your child gets his composite score back. Luckily, preparing for the ACT doesn’t have to be so distressing. By seeking ACT Test Prep in Chicago from experts to help with test preparation, your child can be on their way to a stellar score. How can you tell if test prep can help you? Here are 9 signs.

  1. You child’s curriculum isn’t varied. The ACT is meant to measure a wide range of subject matter that is often learned in school. It is designed to measure skills that are learned years before the test is taken. With that said, if you notice your child's school curriculum isn’t particularly challenging, test prep courses prior to taking the ACT can definitely help.
  2. He often needs help keeping with a schedule. Sometimes, telling yourself you’re going to study for so many hours each week is just not enough. With a tutor, your child will have to adhere to a study schedule that is sure to prepare him.
  3. She is feeling nervous about the test. Getting familiar with the test and the format can help alleviate any nerves your child is feeling.
  4. He learns best by practice. Beyond ridding your child of their nervousness, ACT prep help can him learn the strategies that will get him through the test. For example, it’s better to guess on a question than to leave it blank. Strategies such as this can be learned in an ACT tutoring session.
  5. Your child needs to raise her scores. If she’s already taken the test and knows she can do better, enrolling in a test prep program beforehand can really help. Sure, there’s something to be said for the experience of taking it the first time, but statistics have shown that test prep can help raise scores even more than simply taking it a second time.
  6. He learns better with one-on-one instruction. Opting to use tutoring services in Chicago gives your child the benefit of one-on-one learning. 
  7. Your child wants to get into a great school. Okay, so we already know that the higher the score, the better his chances are of getting into a good school. But preparing for the test, I mean really preparing with the help of tutoring, can help your child get the best possible score she can.
  8. You’re hoping for a college scholarship. A higher ACT score can help your child get into a better school, but can also help her earn a scholarship. There are some scholarships based on ACT scores, so being fully prepared to take the test can really help secure that college scholarship.
  9. Or financial aid. Like scholarships, financial aid is often based on merit and grades. The better your ACT scores, the better your chances of landing financial assistance.

The ACT test can be nerve-wracking. It can help determine whether or not your child gets into a good college, or even if he is granted a scholarship. Who wouldn’t be a little nervous? By enrolling in test prep tutoring in Chicago, your child can be prepared and confident for the ACT.

Need Help with the ACT? Contact Chicago Academic at 773-466-0101.

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