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Test Prep Tutoring: A Great Attack Plan for the April ACT

Posted by Dusty Lawless on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 07:02 AM


It’s hard to believe that spring is on the horizon, especially after this particularly mean winter in Chiberia. And with the spring comes not only relative warmth and greenery but also the April ACT! But is it too late to prepare at this point?Prepare for the Spring ACT!

The answer? No way! Only it may be slightly harder to study for kids since the weather is above artic.

So here’s a great attack plan before the big exam:

  • Get a book: this is a bit of a no-brainer, but an undeniably good first step. There’s a lot to choose from, but might I say we have our very own ACT study book that’s pretty great. Most books offer multiple practice exams which help to hone test-taking skills and also serve to take the mystery out of the test format.

  • After going over the book and perhaps taking a couple timed and untimed practice exams, have your child determine what their weak points are, and what they want their ideal score to be. Whatever the weak area may be, perhaps acquire additional books and ACT materials that tackle that specific subject area. 

  • Keep in mind that for the Reading and Science sections that it is more about skills in reading comprehension and chart interpretion (respectively) than the actual subject area, although subject area knowledge will help make sense of the information presented more quickly. Reading a challenging book or scientific magazine could also be a great study tool!

  • Encourage your child not to over-study! Try to have them have a reasonable goal every week, like raising their English subsection score by 1 point, or even 1 point every 2 weeks.  While that seems modest, a five point gain in a subsection score is huge. An hour a day would be great.

  • Study with a focus: if your child scored a 30 in English, a 21 in Math, a 27 in Reading, and a 26 in Science, then Math should be first priority. Lower scores are usually easier to raise than high scores, since sometimes only 1 or 2 questions make the difference once they get in the high 20s or early 30s.

Also, they shouldn’t worry too much about the writing section—it is not factored into the composite score.

Haven't seen these in a while!

  • Does your child need a little more direction, or possibly one-on-one attention to address specific knowledge gaps? Chicago Academic offers ACT test prep tutoring suited for every type of learner:

For those who prefer classroom-type attention, we offer large group tutoring, instructed by an expert tutor. This is great for learners that thrive in a typical school-like environment.

For those who enjoy a slightly more personalization, we have small group classes, in which our tutors are able to provide each child with a higher degree of attention, but at the same time, students have freedom to work independently. You get to choose who they study with! 

Finally, we have private tutoring, in which your child is given the full attention of one of our top-tier tutors. These scholars from top universities aren’t just big brains, either: they are selected not just for their academic accomplishments but also their wonderful personalities.

Every student benefits through our SCORES system, which offers a detailed analysis of every students' strengths, weakness, and progress throughout the ACT prep process. The entire team at Chicago Academic supports your child and helps them achieve to their greatest potential.

Your search for the best ACT Test Prep in Chicago is over! We have everything your child needs to succeed at the ACT. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services! You can also comment below and we will personally answer any questions you may have. Happy (almost) Spring!

Contact us at 773-466-0101 and get started today!

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