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5 Methods to Improving Your Child's Writing

Posted by Dusty Lawless on Mon, Mar 16, 2015 @ 11:03 AM

Writing isn’t natural, it takes time and practice. It is a learned skill, and over time you eventually become proficient in it. However, reading and writing always go hand in hand, so if you want to better your writing skills, start with reading first.

Since we aren’t all immediately born with writing skills, it’s important to get your child started on the right path. 


1. Be a role model. Kids model after their parents’ behaviors, so it’s important to practice writing around them. Whatever type of writing you may be doing throughout the day, expose your child to it. Encourage your children to write in a journal or even write letters to their friends, not only will this enhance their writing skills, but make it will make it fun.

2. Remind them that messing up is okay! Grammar mistakes and misspellings are going to happen. No matter how proficient you are in English, mistakes come with the territory. This is why we almost always have more than one writing draft. If the first draft isn’t perfect we can have a chance to fix our errors.

3.Talk to your child about their daily experiences. The foundation for writing is talking. Having frequent conversations with your children will allow them to enhance their vocabulary skills, and build confidence in the stories they are expressing.

4. More reading--- Your child must be a good reader to be a good writer. 

  • Grammar: Seeing proper grammar executed.

  • Logical structure: Seeing how authors assemble words, ideas and order can create coherency.

  • Inspiration: Ask your child what books they like the most

  • Vocabulary: Using context clues to analyze unfamiliar words

5. Take the time to proof read and rewrite. The best writers are the ones who are the best rewriters, they are not afraid to fix their mistakes, analyze their work, discard half of it, and do it again. While rewriting is not the most fun, it most definitely pays off.


Another important note is to remember to read your work out loud. This allows you to hear your grammatical flow and correct any issues. 

Chicago Academic is here to help you with any writing, revisions, admission essays and everything in between. We have a group of very talented writers and tutors who can point out your child’s weak points and strategize a way to remedy their writing skills.  

Once you feel like your child has mastered reading and writing, it is still just as important to always foster those reading and writing habits. They need to be done on a regular basis, whether it is for 15 minutes or an hour. Also, make sure that they are always finishing what they start, this sets the standard of never leaving things unfinished.   

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