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Tutoring: What You Should Know

Posted by Brendan Kenny on Wed, Nov 26, 2014 @ 05:11 AM

Seeing your children succeed in their scholastic endeavors is one of the greatest rewards that come with the parenting territory. While it’s great when our kids can succeed with nothing more than natural talent, sometimes they may need a little bit of help to stay on the right track. Even students who typically excel academically can have difficulty with a subject that doesn’t come naturally to them.



Sometimes, the culprit is the teaching method-- one-size-fits-all lessons mandated by No Child Left Behind don't work for everyone. Your child, while bright and capable, may be missing out on the appropriate understanding of course material at no fault of their own. In times such as these, the best option may be to rely on the assistance of an academic tutor.

How does a parent know if their child is actually having difficulty with class or if they’re simply not dedicating themselves to the work? Is a tutor even necessary?

When to Look for a Tutor

  • The most important thing to look for when determining if it is time to hire a tutor is the determination of your child. 
  • Students who begin to fall behind in a subject will lose interest and start to resent the subject in question. 
  • If you start to notice a drop in their grades, sit your son or daughter down and ask them how they feel about math, science, or whichever topic they are struggling in. Generally, responses will fall into one of two categories: 1. indignant disinterest or 2. depressed resignation.
  • In either situation, reassure your child that bringing up their grades is possible with a little outside help.


Meet with the Teacher

Meeting with your child’s teacher is another channel through which to access the truth of the problem.

  • Since the teacher interacts with your child five days out of the week, they are generally the first people to notice an abrupt change in the quality of a student’s work. 
  • Discuss the situation with the teacher to gain inside information on what is going on during the class – is your child secretly goofing off in school, or are they desperately keeping their head above water? 
  • More information can help you in making a better decision when hiring a tutor. 

Thankfully, tutoring in Chicago is fairly common and finding the right tutor will only take a short amount of time. You can find professionals specializing in several subjects, ranging from literature to chemistry. Getting into a good college is harder for the youth of this generation than ever before. The best way to ensure that your children get the education they deserve is to create the best foundation today.

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