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Summer Tutoring Can Prevent Learning Loss

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Fri, Jun 14, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

Summer Tutoring

"I'm Bored"

For most families, summer break has begun, and with it the ever disparing, "I'm Bored!" You are not alone when it comes to this universal phenomenon. After so many months of regimented schedules and constant brain training, students are amiss with the new summer schedule. It is a tough road to navigate, to be sure. Should your student be enrolled in summer school to avoid the summer slide, or will too much school cause burnout? This delicate precipice of uncertainty will make any parent pull their hair out.

Help to avoid summer burnout!

Never fear, we here at Chicago Academic have several ideas to help your family keep their sanity and still avoid the slide and the burnout. Our Summer Tutoring and summer Programs are designed to not only help beat the heat, but to beat the learning loss of summer .

Learning doesn't have to end on the last day of school. Your student's teachers, in fact, hope that their students are not running away from learning. The slide is a big problem each year, and it can be easily thwarted with a learning opportunities throughout the summer months. 

Play catch up

For many students that struggled during the school year, the summer is a great opportunity to play catch up. The last thing you want is to slide even further behind when the new level of coursework begins in the fall. Our Summer Tutors are at the ready to help students beef up their skills and prepare them for the new level of curriculum that lies ahead. Our private tutors wont bog down the summer schedule. With hour long meetings once a week, your student will still get to lounge by the pool or work hard on their fastball. 

Keep your student's mind active

Reading lists are an easy way to keep the mind working. Not only is the library heavily air conditioned, but it is also a quiet departure from more active summer activities. Summer Reading Lists offer a way to keep your student reading at grade level and to offer a quiet activity on those long summer days. 

Museums are always fun

Planning day trips to museums or sightseeing nearby attractions are a fun way to bring learning to the whole family. After a month of "I'm Bored!" echoing through the house, a fun activity that doubles as a learning activity is a guilt free way to beat summer boredom.

Summer projects

While planning summer long projects seems a daunting task, never underestimate the power of your own student's imagination. Whether they would like to redo their bedroom, make a movie or complete a collection, let your student's imagination run wild. Our Summer Tutors can be a great asset when it comes to summer projects. They can help your student to devise a plan and help them to follow through with a project they will really enjoy.

Keep learning a part of the plan

Whether you have an action packed or action lacking summer planned ahead, don't forget to keep learning as a part of that plan. Chicago Academic is here to help you to plan learning activities or tutoring sessions that work for you and your student.

 Need Help?

Feel free to call 773-466-0101 anytime to see how we can help you beat the slide and the burnout this summer! 


Summer Tutoring

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