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SCORES: Building Study Strategies For Success

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Tue, Dec 10, 2013 @ 10:12 AM

Let's say we know an architect named Blake- he studied at a great university, has excellent communication skills, talented management, and plenty of bricks and wood at his disposal. But every time it comes time for him to start building the houses, he forgets the blueprints, or loses his protractor. Soon enough, our architect friend falls behind. His company becomes frustrated- they know Blake has potential and credentals.

What if I told you "Blake" is your child? And his "management" is your family?

So like Blake, you may have all of the tools for academic success: a good school, helpful parents, good study environments, ample supplies-- but simply may not know how to use them. It can be daunting using a buzzsaw if you've never used one before. At Chicago Academic, we'd like to think of our chicago tutors as master craftsmen. They know exactly how to use these tools, and they love to teach others how to use them.shutterstock 128442128

Each student brings a particular toolbox-- some have more than others, or different kinds of tools. That's where our SCORES system comes in  The best way for a student to find success in school is to create a system that not only caters to them, but also to the family as a whole. Think back to Blake-- a supportive management team (aka your family) makes for happy, productive employees. Everyone benefits. We give tangible strategies that can be implimented by your entire family.

Scoring with SCORES

So let's talk more about SCORES.  SCORES, or Strategic Coaching Organizational Readiness and Educational Success, is a program aimed to help your student and your family get on a healthy, meaningful, and fruitful academic track. This intensive five week program strives to stop students from spinning their figurative wheels– armed with the necessary tools for success and the knowledge of how to use them.

At its heart, the SCORES program aims to not just focus on schoolwork achievement, but also overall student well-being. Armed with a qualified SCORES Coach, your student will benefit from work on self-confidence, self-monitoring, and self-advocacy. After all, when it comes to success in academics, the focus needs to be on more than just basic organization and school work completion.

We want to build self esteem and allow for students to continue without any assistance through our tutoring services in Chicago. An apprentice can't remain an apprentice forever. Soon enough they'll be the master.

Starting SCORES

When you enlist your student into the SCORES program, a qualified coach will visit your home and speak with both the student and the parents. After assessing current study habits, study areas and the student’s current “systems,” the SCORES coach will walk the family through future expectations, supply needs, and scheduling.

Over the course of five weeks, our SCORES coaches will meet with the student and work on creating efficient and organized systems. Additionally, they will arm them with helpful studying, problem solving and assignment planning techniques. The SCORES program aims to provide a student with techniques and strategies to find continued success in their academic career.

Chicago Academic is proud to have added the SCORES program to our repertoire. A program like SCORES can help to add direction, structure, and strategies to building academic success.

If you would like to know more about our SCORES program, please feel free to contact a member of our team today. 


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