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Essential Tips For Conquering The 7Th Grade ISAT Exam

Posted by Carrie Gibori on Wed, Feb 13, 2013 @ 17:02 PM


7th Grade ISAT Exam

7th Grade ISAT Is Critical In Chicago

The 7th Grade ISATs have garnered an awful lot of attention in the last decade. In Chicago, they have become an integral part of determining which high school a student will be able to attend. Yet, it is good to remember that this is just a standardized test, and it is not a determining factor in a child’s overall success in life. These standardized tests are designed, as whole, to determine how every child in that age group is performing in certain areas. That information is used to help build better curriculum and help schools to focus on areas where students are not performing as well. In essence, the 7th Grade ISAT Exam has more meaning for the institutions that give it rather than for the students themselves.

Know What To Expect

That being said, for those students who are hoping to move on to magnet schools and the like in districts like Chicago Public Schools, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the test and know what to expect.

Prepare Yourself

Using a tutor to help prepare can make a significant impact for this test. Additionally, tutoring at this stage can help your student to prepare for the additional tests that they will be taking in the upcoming years.

Multiple Choice Questions

The reason students have issues with this test is typically due to an unfamiliarity with the format. The ISAT is a mix of multiple choice questions and extended response questions. In 7th grade, students are just becoming familiar with the ins and outs of multiple choice questions. Parents can begin by downloading a sample of the test from the ISBE website. In addition to this, while there are practice tests they could tackle online, this is where a tutor can be helpful. Tutors can help a student walk through a question – helping them to master their overall approach to a series of answers they might not know.

Master Skills

Tutors will also be immensely helpful for the extended response portion of the test. Many students in this age group have difficulty in organizing their thoughts in writing. When one adds the fact that their response is limited by a time constraint, the student might have even more issues. Working with a student on writing quick and meaningful responses could have a significant impact. A tutor can help develop a system for a student that will not only help with their ability to succeed on these standardized tests, but also to succeed in their classroom work that requires the same skill set.

Don't Add On The Stress

Overall, it is important not to add additional stress for your student with regards to this test. Anxiety can be a big factor in their test results. Don’t stress your student out about succeeding on the test. The best thing you can do is to be sure they are adequately prepared. Make sure they have a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast before they actually take the test, and then think of the bright side – if you are concerned about your student’s academic performance, the results of this test could offer insight into how you could be helping your student in the future.

Need Help?

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