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Summer ACT Refresher Programs

Posted by Vin Gaeta on Wed, Jun 15, 2011 @ 09:06 AM


SAT ACT Test PrepDid you know that colleges consider your highest scores for standardized tests? For this reason, many students opt to take standardized tests several times. While the most popular time for a student to take the SAT or ACT is during the spring of their junior year, many don’t stop there and take them again in the fall of senior year. So what happens if you have already completed a comprehensive program in preparation for a test that took place in the spring? You can sign up for a Refresher Program!

A Refresher Program is exactly what the name implies. Students who have completed a full program can sign up for a shorter One-on-One, In-Home refresher program that will build on what they have already learned. The student and tutor will begin the refresher program by analyzing the student’s previous SAT or ACT score report. Our expert tutors will use the score report to determine whether the student applied strategy correctly, and find out what specific sections were most/least successful for the student.  As always, we tailor the program to the needs of the individual student so call us today at 773-466-0101 to discuss options that will work for you!