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ACT Tutoring Chicago


 Ready for a 5 point jump on the ACT?

Join our community of 100’s of other students who have learned from our ACT experts what it takes to master the ACT. Our program will cover everything a student needs to know. Students come in confused and lost. With our guidance students gain familiarity, comfort and confidence coupled with strategies that will translate into higher ACT scores. Chicago Academic provides the best ACT preparation in Chicago.

ACT Test Prep in Chicago


  • Students will learn these critical steps that will increase their scores dramatically:
  • Learn the only skills the ACT cares about
  • Learn your own timing strategy that will optimize your performance on the test
  • Learn the secrets to identifying the right answers 
  • Don’t learn unnecessary material, stay swift by learning only what matters
  • Gain the advantage by learning all of ACT’s secrets



There’s a whole lot more. 

Join our community of selective parents who are looking for the finest test prep available. There is a test around the corner.


Contact us now @ 847-416-4500 or fill out the form and will be in touch with you right away!



Join our happy community:


“Chicago Academic has consistently provided us with incredibly effective and professional instructors. We have utilized them for help in History, English and now ACT prep. Not only are their instructors outstanding, their sincerity and desire to help each family is unsurpassed.  They will not match a student to a tutor unless they feel that the result will be successful. I was so impressed by how hard they tried to find us the most appropriate tutor, who was also able to fit into our specific needs regarding logistics and time.  From the very first time we contacted them, through as recent as last week, each discussion has been a pleasure. Most important, we have experienced a noticeable and significant increase in feelings of confidence and success in each subject and in ACT prep. We are so fortunate to have been connected with Chicago Academic and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is searching for quality educators and professional service.”


Lauren P, Highland Park


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