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  • Having our experienced tutors help your child be better prepared for the ACT test can make all the difference.
  • Our resources and guides can make them feel not only comfortable with the test, but become assured in their abilities.
  • If you’re a student, having extra help doesn’t hurt.
  • Sometimes the internet can’t answer your personal questions, our tutors can.
  • Our resources and guides will help any student take on the ACT, All for the Low Cost of $35.
  • Our friendly staff are all experienced with the ACT test!
  • Call us today and ask how we can go further than a proctored test and inquire about our ACT tutoring program. 

The ACT test is steadily becoming the test preferred by colleges when choosing to accept students. It has a different set of questions compared to the SAT and will be based on the subjects English, mathematics, reading, and science. If your child is thinking about taking the ACT, our ACT proctored tests will give them multiple benefits such as mentioned above:

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If you’re a student deciding whether you want to take the ACT test, take our proctored test first. This way you’ll have a glimpse of what will be on the test. We understand how frustrating it can be not knowing what’s ahead, and we’re here to make sure you don’t have to with the ACT.


It’s the wish of all parents to make sure their child gets the proper help they need with their education. We understand you can be busy sometimes because of work or other responsibilities, but your child’s education can’t wait. The ACT test is an important milestone for your child because it shows colleges how well prepared your child is for their courses.

Our proctored tests are an amazing way for you to ensure your child’s ability to not only pass the ACT but to also score higher. We can provide them many helpful resources and guides so they can have a good understanding of what to prepare for the ACT. This is sometimes the most difficult problem children have today, not being confident enough about the test beforehand.

If you’ve already decided to take the ACT test, you might have a couple (or a lot) of questions to ask. The internet can only provide you with generic answers for so long. Our staff has been asked thousands of questions concerning the ACT, and we try to answer them all. So take it from us, there’s no stupid questions. What’s bad is if the internet doesn’t fully understand your question and gives you a wrong answer. This could throw you off when you take the exam.

Don’t risk going into the ACT test with half answers. Schedule our ACT proctored test and see where you’re standing.

The ACT proctored test at Chicago Academic can help students immensely, and it’s in our mission to help as many students. This small investment to your child’s education can have a huge impact in their future.

The ACT proctored test will be taken in a real testing environment. This gives the student a great chance to feel how testing will actually be like. When you take the actual ACT test, you’ll notice how more prepared and confident you are to those students who haven’t experienced an ACT testing environment. The familiarity of the environment can take away a lot of the worries students usually have such as the feeling of “butterflies in their stomach,” extreme nervousness, or panic attacks.

As well as giving you first-hand experience of the environment, after you take the ACT proctored test we’ll provide you with a 6 page detailed score report. This report will give students an insight to their strength and weaknesses. Having this information early on is beneficial for the improvement of the student’s score. If you’re lacking in one area, then you have more time to study on the specific subject. This will save you time compared to having to study for all the subjects, even when you’re already strong to some subjects.

students-taking-test-1This is not only the extra benefit you get when you take the ACT proctored test. After we’ve evaluated your child’s strength and weakness, we will provide them recommendations that will outline the best ways for your child to improve their ACT scores. The outline will help your child increase their lowest scoring subjects without having to waste time second guessing yourself. We know that studying for multiple subject tests can be frightening because of the large amount of materials to study. With the outline, you are able to know specifically the subjects you are struggling with and study for it.

These added benefits are extra helpful to your child learning, and only for the low price of $35. For such a small investment, your child will be prepared and confident when they take their ACT test.

The ACT test can help decide your child’s future college career, give them the necessary tools to make it a bright future. If you have any questions regarding the ACT proctored test, we’re more than happy to answer. You can contact us here, or by calling our friendly staff at (312) 800-1779. Don’t hesitate to give your child the extra help they deserve. 

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