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Fall is the best time to turbocharge your student’s confidence with ACT test prep resulting in great ACT scores!


-Your student will learn proven steps to dramatically reduce your student's anxiety as you see their confidence and test scores improve, without stress or last-minute panic!

Summer Test Prep in Chicago 

Let’s face it: The ACT college placement test is VERY important for your student’s overall success in getting into the college of their choice.

It’s worth paying attention to – and investing time in.

And yet…


 It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to prepare...Not when you do it properly!

That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Chicago Academicand why you NEED to start the ACT test prep program right away.

We’re dedicated to serving the families of Chicago and the North Suburbs as a source of guidance and educational support – particularly for ACT test preparation.

We maintain a roster of exceptional educators to serve as private tutors for students who want individualized attention when preparing for the ACT.

And the time to start is NOW. (Fill out the form to the right or call us at 773-466-0101 to learn more!)

If your student is entering junior year this semester, the fall is the very best time to get all the ACT test prep out of the way.

We partner with you to take the pressure off your shoulders....

  • By giving your student a reliable method for preparing for this vital test that will help chart the course of your student’s future.
  • Our test prep will boost your student’s confidence so that they can be PREPARED and take the test SUCCESSFULLY!
  • Through our unique prep methods, students quickly get over their fears and anxieties about taking tests.
  • Your student will feel optimistic as they start to see the PROGRESS being made, session after session. And in no time, your student will be prepared to ACE the ACT – while everybody else is sweating bullets!
  • Plus, since your student will have finished ACT prep during summer, there will be more time during the school year for the things that the Admissions Panel is looking for – good grades, strong extracurricular activities, and a high ACT test score.


  • We show students what the ACT is REALLY looking for – and how to answer accordingly.
  • We teach students a “timing strategy” that helps students perform their best on test day.
  • We show students the secrets for identifying the right answers.
  • We even show students how to “hack” certain parts of the test so that they can improve their score without even trying so hard!


Junior year is stressful enough. Don’t add to it with late or last-minute test prep.

Click here to get started with Chicago Academic. TODAY.

Tomorrow will be too late!

 (Fill out the form to the right or call us at 773-466-0101 to learn more!)






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