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Our Story

Gil And Carrie | Chicago Academic

Welcome to Chicago Academic. I am Gil Gibori, the founder and Executive Director. I started our company in 2010 with one mission in mind, to help relieve the anxiety families have regarding their students’ education by providing the very best educational support possible with the:
  • Students Gain Confidence
  • Grades and Scores Rise Dramatically
  • Parents Get Peace of Mind
My professional background is in academia, working as a biomedical researcher specializing in molecular biology, while at the same time working with different companies and organizations to help young students succeed.


Working with a diverse collection of students for nearly 20 years, I came to believe that the road to college really does begin in middle school. It is what our children do in these years that sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Learning how to become a great student can open the door to the best colleges, which in turn opens the door to a successful future. It is this strong belief that has paved the way for Chicago Academic to deliver on our mission.

My co-founder and wife, Carrie, comes from a long and distinguished business career. Having sold an extremely successful financial services company, she joined me in starting Chicago Academic. Her business and customer service expertise has helped to mold Chicago Academic into a company that values our students’ success above all else.

Together, we lead a devoted staff of educators and a long list of the most educated and diverse tutors in Chicago; including aerospace engineers, medical doctors, mathematicians, teachers and more. We are extremely selective in choosing our tutors. Over 90% of our tutors have at least a Masters degree, and many have doctorates in the areas they tutor. In addition to their expertise, we only hire individuals with magnetic and captivating personalities; tutors that can both inspire and engage every kind of student. We select the very best tutors for families who expect the cream of the crop.

Due to our devotion to our families and students, we are fortunate to have been recognized as one of the best tutoring and test prep companies in Chicago. With this in mind, we continue to strive to deliver the very best experience to all of our families.

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